Industrial marketers understand their buyer’s behavior has changed dramatically in the last few years.  Old sales & marketing methods no longer work as they used to.  This blog is devoted to what does work for industrial marketers on the web.
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The 4 Missing Ingredients for Industrial Content Marketing

07/28/15 - Tom Repp

Market statistics tell us more & more industrial marketers are starting to implement content marketing, or inbound marketing, as some call it. According to IHS GlobalSpec Research Report, 61 percent of B2B manufacturers are now using this relatively new marketing tactic. At least, new to many industrial marketers.

However, the same research tells us that only 9% can demonstrate how content marketing contributes to sales ROI.

I believe the following 4 critical elements are missing from industrial marketers’ content marketing strategy and the reason only 9% find an ROI benefit.

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Why Understanding Content Saturation is a Bonanza for Industrial Marketers

07/17/15 - Tom Repp

Content saturation is an important digital concept to grasp, especially for industrial marketers. 

First, let’s define “content”…from an industrial marketing standpoint.

Content is any information deployed on the web that explains your industrial products or services and is primarily designed to attract visitors to your website. From my point of view, your industrial content should be 80% helpful & 20% promotional. In the age of search and social media, your content must be helpful or it “sucks”, as the Millennials say. That is what the Millennisals say.  To me, it just makes for good marketing.

So…helpful content could be in the form of:

• A webpage
• A blog post
• An e-mail blast to opt-in subscribers only
• A downloadable product specification sheet
• A downloadable e-book that explains your company’s unique capabilities
• A company LinkedIn page
• A blog post promoted via your LinkedIn industry groups Sometimes with a market reach of a million plus…and, its FREE.
• A tweet from your corporate Twitter page.
• Corporate or product demonstration videos on YouTube
• Online webinars
• Video
• Etc.


The “Perfect Storm” is Forming for the Industrial Marketer

07/08/15 - Tom Repp

Violent storms that do considerable damage to our property and ourselves force us to think differently about many things. Our lives, our family, our possessions.

So it is with the modern industrial marketer. A “Perfect Storm” has been forming for several years when it comes to industrial marketing. This is nothing new if you read this blog, but possibly a different perspective.

  • First, your buyers have changed their behavior dramatically in just a matter of months. They source without you or your sales group. Your fantastic content must great them at Google’s door with the content they need to move through industrial buyers’ journey; awareness, consideration & decision stage.

  • Second, Google has changed the rules of the road. No need to get technical here, but Google now says you must publish content that demonstrates you company’s expertise. Do not try to throw out crap. If your industrial audience does not find your content engaging and helpful, Google will ignore or penalize you. No BS here. 

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Google Analytics or HubSpot for Industrial Marketers?

01/06/15 - Tom Repp

I was asked several weeks ago to do a presentation for a well-known industrial supplier in western Michigan. At Market Pipeline, we had built an SEO-optimized website several years ago. The third-generation industrial supplier had received a generous amount of quality leads from their first online marketing effort. Our customer was happy with the ROI from their web marketing efforts. The website had paid for itself several times over.

When I received the call from our customer, he told me the leads had dried up and he wanted to know why. I said, I would be glad to come in and explain how Google has changed the way they ranked their company's website. Given our position of trust with this customer, it was easy for him to say, "Sure".

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[Book Review] David Meerman Scott Delivers a Blow to the Status Quo for Industrial Marketers

12/01/14 - Tom Repp

Not news to anybody, but I recently became so fed up with Comcast's service (It truly is unbelievable how bad it is) I switched to another provider.

Comcast is the classic antithesis of David Meerman Scott's The New Rules of Sales & Service: How to Use Agile Selling, Real-Time Customer Engagement, Big Data, Content, and Storytelling to Grow Your Business. It appears to me Comcast is still defending the sales & service status quo and they are paying the price. Because I recently read Scott's book, I could not help but think about my recent, blood-pressure raising, Comcast experience.

For those of you that regularly read my blog you know I disdain the status quo and I am always looking for ways to shake up the status quo in industrial marketing. Many industrial marketers love to defend the status quo, much like Comcast.

Well...maybe not that bad.

When meeting with my customers I often get questions such as, "How in the heck can I keep up with all the changes in the web?"; "It seems like Google changes their algorithm daily. How can I keep up my PageRank?" Or..."How can I, confidently, adjust my marketing strategy to combat all the disruption?"

Currently your biggest enemy for success in industrial marketing is your attitude towards your own status quo.

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How Can Your Industrial Marketing Strategy Keep Up with Google?

10/21/14 - Tom Repp

I often get the question from my customers and prospects I work with, "How in the hell can my web marketing strategy keep up with all the disruptive things that Google is doing?"

My typical answer is, "Focus on your brand and content marketing...and don't worry about Google".

The typical response is a baffled facial expression.

Allow me to explain. Stay with me on this.

More than a year ago, I started to focus on Google's Authorship program. This program allows content to be ranked by the authority of the author. As a regular blogger, I felt it was important to understand how Google's Authorship program worked for me, as well as my clients.

Then in September Google pulled the plug on all the hard work, study and research I did to comply with Google's "wishes". Google cancelled their Authorship program.

Talk about an 800 lb. gorilla. Talk about pissed off.

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Can Wix, Foursquare, etc. Satisfy Your Online Industrial Marketing Needs?

09/23/14 - Tom Repp

I recently was ask by a prospect, "Why can't I just use to create my own web site?".

I thought and replied, "Good question". If this prospect has that question, then it is safe to say that others are thinking the same. I also thought, "That would make a great blog post".

First, let us look under the hood of and see what you get with a, "free", online content management system or web-builder.

With the help from my friend and E-business marketing major at the Haworth School of Business at WMU, Joe Williams, we address the subject of inexpensive content management systems as they apply to industrial marketing.

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Industrial Marketers…Learn Linkedin From the Experts for FREE

09/02/14 - Tom Repp

I have been encouraging our industrial customers for more than two years to build a corporate Linkedin "Profile". I have encouraged them to embrace Linkedin as an efficient channel to industrial buyers...especially the younger ones.

The primary reason to use Linkedin is to "publish" your company's blog posts. You do have a corporate blog, don't you? As someone said recently, "A blog post is the fire, social media is the gasoline." David Meerman Scott in his best-selling book, The New Rules of Marketing & PR, says, "Social media sure beats traditional advertising to get the word out."

In an effort to get more marketers to leverage the industrial lead-generation-machine the web has given them, we are releasing Learning Linkedin from the Experts with help from our friends at HubSpot.


DOWNLOAD now, Learning Linkedin from the Experts

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6 Screw-ups Industrial Marketers Make Using Marketing Automation

08/26/14 - Tom Repp


As in any endeavor, it certainly helps to have passion if you are to succeed. So it is with marketing automation for industrial marketers.

Marketing automation is one those new shiny objects that attracts so many. Just the phrase, "marketing automation" sounds euphoric to a busy industrial marketer.

Almost without exception, most industrial business owners struggle with marketing in general. They all tell me so. So...when a new strategy includes "marketing automation", their entrepreneurial brain shifts into overdrive.

The panacea they think it could is not.

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10 Useless Things to Cut from Your (Industrial) Marketing

08/15/14 - Tom Repp

I guess according to Malcolm Gladwell's popular "10,000-hours rule" I am an expert at web-based industrial marketing. I have easily logged 10,000 hours of experience dating back to 1998...the early days of the web.

I have meet with hundreds of industrial business owners and marketers. At almost every turn, I felt like a burial lot salesman. In most cases, I was dealing with a skeptical crowd.

Industrial marketers continue to be skeptical of all the new marketing opportunities: SEO, responsive web site design, link baiting, digital press releases, content marketing, inbound marketing, micro sites, blogging, analytics, paid search, mobile apps, social media....whheeeww.

They are confused. I don't blame them.

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